Cryolipolysis Fat Loss Machine
Device Code: CRY001

Cryolipolysis is a Harvard University Patented Technology of fat reduction. It is also known as Frozen Defatting Lock Temperature Technology. The technology is the most effective slimming technology presently available in the medical sector. The treatment aims at reducing the fat of the body by aging the cells ahead of their time. Later the dead cells are removed from the body with the body's natural processes. It is a suitable option for beauty salons, hospitals, skincare centers, spas, etc. It offers a safe and effective treatment of fat reduction, skin tightening, and improvement in the skin condition for all skin types.


Cryolipolysis is a Harvard University Patented Technology for fat reduction. It is also known as fat freeze / cool sculpting. The temperature under the skin drops to +5°C to -10°C, which ages the fat cells ahead of their time, ending their lifespan and killing them. The targeted fat cells are eliminated and gently removed from the body. The removal process is done through the body's normal metabolism process. The dead cells are removed between 1 to 3 months via the lymphatic system.


i) to burn surplus fat (fat reduction treatments)
ii) improves skin elasticity
iii) skin lifting and skin tightening
iv) lymphatic treatment
v) improves sagging skin
vi) wrinkle removal
vii) shape body contour
viii) cool-sculpting liposuction


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